Abandoned Space Werewolf Indiegame Showcase

I had been developing this game in my spare time for quite a long time and decided not to coninue. So I make a self-conclusion and momento.

Youtube video below, some readers may need a VPN.

I completed these features using Godot 3.5:

  1. A game launcher with room management and authentication
  2. Multiplayer using legacy RPC solutions provided by Godot3.5 (from 4.0 on things get much simpler)
  3. Rigidbody physics character movement
  4. Dynamic physical rope, click here for more info
  5. Inventory system
  6. Crafting system
  7. Path navigation
  8. Procedural performant background asteriods using MultiMesh
  9. Container movement with movable characters inside, syncing across multiplayers
  10. Procedural minerals generating on asteroids

I also completed server side alone using Nakama, with ability to create dedicated instances dynamically, click here for more info

Despite the developing, I also did:

  1. Gameplay desgin
  2. Modeling of spaceship, minerals, asteroids
  3. Map editing
  4. Jump, weapon holding, struggling, shivering and many other keyframe animations of human character
  5. Walk, weapon holding, sprint in space, death, and many other keyframe animations of astronaut
  6. A quick iteration workflow with Google Sheets for numerical design
  7. Graphic design of many posters and banners

I've abandoned the development of this game because:

  1. I found it no fun to play at all and don't know how to improve gameplay by myself
  2. Godot 4.0 has been released with so many incompatibilies and it's tedious to migrate a project quite large
  3. Someone agreed to help me with gameplay design so I've started to make a new game
  4. Realistic space theme is not a good choice because space is very empty in reality


Being capabable of doing all these things above doesn't automatically give you a fun game that sells. Making games is not all about technology. I should have thought it quite clear that what is the gameplay of my game and is it interesting to play. I also should have kept testing gameplay as possibly as I could during the development instead of finding it too late when the framework is about to complete.

@2023-09-11 00:49